About Us

Firm History

Retzer, Gerber, and Associates has its roots dating back to the 1950’s when Joe Speck began his accounting practice dedicated to providing quality accounting services to individuals and local businesses.  He was soon joined by Gene Retzer to form the firm Speck & Retzer.  In the 1970’s Joe Speck and Gene Retzer would come to partner with Gerry Gerber.  When Joe Speck retired at the beginning of 1982 the practice was incorporated as Retzer, Gerber, and Associates and Jim Chatwell and Steve Cushing became shareholders.

The business has always operated in the Peoria area performing tax and business accounting services. It strives to provide quality accounting services to meet the needs of its clients. The company moved to its present location, 2920 West Lake Avenue, Peoria, Illinois in 1990. Although Gene Retzer has retired and Gerry Gerber and Jim Chatwell have passed, the firm continues to carry on the business with the same values originally begun by Joe Speck.