Tax Services

Individual & Business Income Taxes

At Retzer, Gerber, and Associates, our accountants meet with and help individuals, corporations, trusts, non-profits and other businesses plan and file income tax returns. Our tax professionals seek to support the client and take advantage of tax opportunities for smart planning and strategy to minimize tax liability.

Tax Planning

Our experienced accountants at Retzer, Gerber, and Associates provide tax advice and assist clients in tax preparation and filing to take advantage of credits and deductions that you are entitled to in order to meet your tax needs. We stay up to date on the diverse tax rules and regulations. We offer solutions relevant to the client to handle tax issues and mitigate risk. We help advise clients on managing financial decisions and overall tax planning. 

Payroll Taxes

At Retzer, Gerber, and Associates, we process payroll and prepare required quarterly and annual tax returns for businesses. 

Quarterly reports include: 

  • 941 Quarterly Return
  • State Unemployment Insurance Return
  • State Quarterly Wage Return
  • Deposit for Federal Unemployment Insurance

Annual reports include:

  • Employer, Employee, Federal, and State W-2s
  • W-3 Recap of Federal Withholding
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Insurance Return

Sales Taxes

Our firm offers sales tax preparation and payment services for our clients. We assist our clients in filing and paying sales taxes. We seek to meet the compliance and reporting requirement needs of your business.

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